CEO Gathering in AMSTERDAM

CEO Gathering in AMSTERDAM

We are pleased to invite several CEOs of SME focused Development Banks to attend a private reception with Board members of The Montreal Group (TMG).

· A unique chance to connect with like-minded leaders of similar organizations coming from all over the world.

· This private gathering will provide unparalleled opportunities for Executives to strengthen their network and engage in a direct dialogue with peers.

· The agenda aims at facilitating knowledge exchange around the digital evolution of our organizations and deepen our understanding of the future challenges we are facing.

 CEO Gathering October 7, 2019 Amsterdam

Monday, October 7, 2019

This first-of-its-kind event follows a unique flow, allowing for optimal learning and networking amongst you and your counterparts from around the world.

14:00-15:00  –  Welcome

15:00-16:30  –  Panel: How prepared is your bank for the digital revolution

16:30-17:30  –  Bilateral meetings

17:30-18:30  –  Networking cocktail

18:30-21:00  –  Private dinner


We are pleased to announce that Anna Koivuniemi will be moderating the panel and subsequent discussion: How prepared is your bank for the digital revolution?

 Anna Associate McKinsey Amsterdam

Anna Koivuniemi

Partner, McKinsey Amsterdam

Anna is a core leader of McKinsey’s Marketing & Sales, Strategy & Corporate Finance Practices. With 2 decades of experience, she helps leaders globally to identify growth and to drive strategic changes to achieve the next level of performance. She brings the most recent advances in digital and analytics to her clients to increase their competitiveness.

Hosted at the Cristofori Concert Hall

We are pleased to confirm that we will be hosted at the Cristofori Concert Hall. Built in 1900, this unique venue has since been turned into a striking, contemporary loft with high ceilings, arched windows and several skylights illuminating its grand spaces.


Potential Site Visits

Being in Amsterdam is a great opportunity to see technology in action. With the support of McKinsey Amsterdam, we are exploring the possibility of visiting two companies that use state-of-the-art tech: ING and FloraHolland. These visits would take place on the mornings of Monday, October 7 and/or Tuesday, October 8 (to be confirmed). We think this is an incredible opportunity to supplement your visit to Amsterdam with world-class examples of companies that have leveraged tech to serve their clientele in entirely new and innovative ways, to their ultimate benefit.  

Please contact the Secretariat if you have any questions or would like to know confirmed attendees:


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