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    Elizabeth Grand International Inc. (EGI) produces luxury skincare products in Toronto, Canada, and distributes them around the world. The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) helped finance the purchase of their building, and supported the entrepreneur with a consulting mandate providing Lean coaching and mentoring to personnel responsible for maintaining the raw material inventories.

  • CWD

    Keen on equestrian sports and leather work, Laurent Duray founded CWD in 1998. This equestrian saddles company designs, manufactures, markets and sells equipment for world’s high calibre riders (5 Olympic medals). CWD has quickly become, in a few years, the worldwide leader in its line of business s. Bpifrance helped CWD to grow and innovate, by providing reimbursable advances for innovation and co-financing its investments along with chartered banks.


    MultiTouch Ltd. is a leading developer of interactive display systems, based on proprietary software and hardware designs. Unlimited numbers of users can simultaneously use the displays with hands, IR pens and objects. The company headquartered  in Helskinki, Finland has offices in Silicon Valley, New York City and Singapore. The company’s systems are currently in use in more than 50 countries around the globe. Finnvera has a stake in MultiTouch by virtue of a venture capital investment it has made in the company. MultiTouch has also made use of Finnvera's guarantee services in connection with bank financing arrangements.


    Carrot is Mexico's first car sharing service: it allows customers to drive a car at any time without the high costs and hassles of owning one. Carrot places self-access cars throughout the city available for rental by the hour or day with gas and insurance included. Nacional Financiera (NAFIN) helped finance technological development and supported the entrepreneur by financing an acceleration program, auditing and consulting.

  • HDS

    HDS is transforming the healthcare system throughout Latin America by developing technology solutions, specially designed to share clinical and financial information among organizations of entire countries. The knowledge of physicians and nurses working with IT experts has been key to export HDS’s technology. Nacional Financiera (NAFIN) has stimulated HDS’s innovation processes and new business opportunities in countries such as Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.

  • NIK NEW TECHNOLOGIES LLC - Oil plant cultivation

    NIK New Technologies launched the construction of a sunflower seed calibration plant in Djumailovka, Krasnoda Region (Russia) in 2012 and soon had to purchase a production line. Vnesheconombank (VEB) supported the project.

    The plant commissioning would enable the Company to produce up to 1,500 tons of final product per annum. The plant opening ceremony took place in September 2013.

    NIK NEW TECHNOLOGIES LLC - Oil plant cultivation

    Catering to a sophisticated clientele!

    The business started as a small general store, which made deliveries by horse and cart. More than 100 years later, the business has evolved into one of Montreal’s trendiest and most innovative caterers. The secrets to a successful family business? Mr. Saurette has a ready answer: hard work, a clear vision and common goals.

    The company has been supported by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) for over fifteen years.



What We Focus On

The Montreal Group generally focuses on three key topics during the course of the year. For 2016/2017, members settled on a work plan recommending investigating the following topics: Green Financing, Innovative Products and Services, and Online Services and Digitalization.

The Group measures the interest of its work streams at the end of each year and enhances the work plan at every general assembly. Members are invited to share new ideas for key topics to be explored at any point in time. Before general meetings, a survey is often sent to gauge general interest.

For 2015/2016, members had selected the following topics to be explored: Risk Management, Green Financing and Innovative Products and Services. As a result, the work plan for 2015/2016 led to significant observations. In most cases, each member institution was represented in all working groups. The Montreal Group has now a repertory of comparative studies on those topics and can promote and share, among other initiatives, the observations when invited to MSME panels.

The 2014/2015 key topics were: Risk Management, Green Financing, and Cross Border Guarantees. The 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 key topics were: Financing Intangible Assets, Debt Guarantees and Key Performance Indicators.


Innovative Products and Services
Cross border guarantees (supporting global expansion)
Green financing
Risk management
Key performance indicators
Financing with debt and other guarantees
Financing intangible assets