Non-financial services & sustainability Follow-up Call

Non-financial services & sustainability Follow-up Call Some conclusions reached by subject matter experts on the role of Non-Financial Services to help SMEs embark in the sustainability transition

Experts from 9 TMG banks met for a second call on Non-financial services & Sustainability to continue with the conversation and respond to each other’s unanswered questions about operating models, incentive measures, and technical aspects of dealing with the sustainable transition.

The experts engaged in a reflective exercise in breakout rooms where they discussed what specific role can SME development banks play in supporting a just and green transition? and, what specific actions might we take to embark SMEs specifically on the Net Zero transition?

This fruitful exchange resulted in the following collective conclusions:

  • Most impactful non-financial interventions helped entrepreneurs understand the transition as an opportunity not a burden.
  • A valuable non-financial support includes most of these elements: partnerships with technical experts (local and international) + awareness raising + incentive-based + close support in every stage of the transition + subsidized cost.

Thanks again for joining from all the corners of the world!

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