Summary of the Chief Economists October Roundtable

Summary of the Chief Economists October Roundtable A discussion about the top headwinds/tailwinds impacting lMSMEs.

On Tuesday, October 26, the Chief Economists of The Montreal Group met once again for one of their last virtual exchanges in 2021.

This time, Baptiste Thornary, Head of Evaluation and Macroeconomic Research at Bpifrance moderated the call. He was joined by colleagues from France, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and Morocco.

During their hour together the Chief Economists shared which were the top tailwinds/ headwinds impacting the MSMES in their countries including labour supply shortages, rising input costs, international travel restrictions, inflation, lack of strategies regarding hedging costs, import price index, consumer price index and currency devaluation.

To continue their exchanges on how to better support MSMEs, the Chief Economists will participate in a 2-day workshop in November about Impact Measurement organized by The Secretariat with the leadership of Pierre Cléroux and his team. Stay tuned to learn more about the main conclusions of this workshop!!

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