Welcome to CCG from Morocco, our first member from Africa

Welcome to CCG from Morocco, our first member from Africa CCG: First African member to join The Group

The Caisse Centrale de Garantie (CCG) is the first African institution invited to join The Montreal Group.


Membership became official at the Annual Meeting in Beijing, China, in May 2019. The CCG was proudly represented by its Director General, Mr. Hicham Zanati Serghini, as well as by Mr. Abdelkhaleek Glillah, Director of the Resources and Systems Cluster.


The CCG is a Moroccan public financial institution. Its head office is in Rabat.


Its mission is to help boost private initiative by encouraging the creation, development and modernization of businesses. The CCG also supports social development through, among other things, loan guarantees to social housing.


The CCG's key strategic business areas include:

• The guarantee of investment loans, financial restructuring and venture capital;

Co-financing with banks of investment and innovation programs;

• The guarantee of loans to social housing.


Welcome to the CCG!

CCG from Morocco joining The Montreal Group


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