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  • Chief Economists Covid-19 Roundtable

    This is one of our Key Topic Group for 2020-21. This virtual-roundtable is an opportunity for Chief Economists of Development Banks to openly discuss about the current state of the economy in their respective countries and the role of MSME Development Banks as key players in support of entrepreneurs and businesses in these uncertain times.

    Chief Economists Covid-19 Roundtable
  • Annual Meeting of The Montreal Group

    In 2020, due to the COVID19 outbreak, the Annual Meeting of The Montreal Group took place by virtual means. In normal times, members of the Board and the Experts from the Key Topic Groups meet in person over a 2-3 day-event in a country member of The Montreal Group. If the situation is safer by the Spring 2021, members will meet in Riyadh, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on March 29-30-31. 

    Annual Meeting of The Montreal Group
  • Key Topic Groups Final Presentations

    All our Key Topic Groups  (KTG) share their final deliveries at the Annual Meeting and/or by means of an official Webinar open to all. Most of the time, the Experts deliver an oral presentation as well as a hard copy of their final work. In this image, we can see the members of the Key Topic Group on "Scaling Up Mid-Sized Firms" presenting in Beijing, within the offices of China Development Bank.


    Key Topic Groups Final Presentations
  • Mid-year CEO gatherings

    The Montreal Group organized a Mid-Year CEO Gathering in October 2019 - which resulted as an unique opportunity to build relationships with leaders of similar organizations from around the world.

    Mid-year CEO gatherings
  • One-off Benchmark Calls

    To foster collaboration between member banks, the Secretariat is facilitating a series of One-off Benchmark discussions around key topics of common interest for Development Banks. A privileged way to ask open questions and learn valuable information from peers from around the world in a fraction of the time it would take if we were to read around the subject! Some of the topics of interest for 2020-21: IP lending + Cleantech + Internationalization + eCommerce + Machine Learning + AI + Chatbox + Digitalization + Loan Guarantee Schemes + Partnering with Fintech, to name a few.
    One-off Benchmark Calls
  • Webinars

    A Key Topic Group's final delivery may take the form of a WEBINAR open to all to present the Key Findings of a WHITE PAPER or a FINAL REPORT. This is a great opportunity for members to engage in discussion with attendees and other experts joining the virtual delivery. As an example from the image on the right, on July 9th 2020, The Montreal Group hosted a webinar to share the work of one of its key topic groups on “Advanced Analytics for Risk Management”. It was a perfect platform to also promote the launch of the the White Paper recently published by its members and co-produced with the external firm GYConsulting.

    See in PUBLICATIONS tab to have a copy of the White Paper.


What We Focus On

What We Focus On

The Montreal Group’s activities are generally focused around Key Topic Groups. The subjects are chosen by the members and respond to emerging areas of interest or challenges. Key Topic Groups are formed by Subject Matter Experts from each member bank and meet via video conferences throughout the year.

For 2020-21, the Key Topic Groups are: Non-Financial Offerings in times of COVID-19 and post-crisisChief Economists Covid-19 Roundtable.

Non-Financial Offerings in times of COVID-19 and post-crisis: This Key Topic Group is composed of experts from the members of The Montreal Group. The non-financial support to MSMEs is even more crucial in this period of uncertainty. It is imperative that development banks ensure a complete support in this regard. The members of this group focus on identifying the best practices, always aware of the importance of the geographical and cultural context in which the support is given. To access their profiles: To access the participants' profiles, click here. 

Chief Economists Covid-19 Roundtable: The group is formed by the Chief Economists from member organizations and prominent invitees from external development banks. The discussion group focuses, among other things, on the state of the world economy, interventions to support MSMEs in time of COVID-19, the evolution in the deconfinement plans and the forecasts of economic recovery. To access the participants’ profiles, click here.

The 2019-2020 Key Topic Group,  Advanced Analytics for Risk Management, has finalized its activities with the publication of a White Paper and a Webinar, that took place on July 9th, 2020. To access the participants’ profiles, click here.

Finally, with the aim of fostering collaboration, the Secretariat of The Montreal Group is facilitating a series of One-off Benchmark discussions around key topics of common interest for its members to learn and exchange with their peers from around the world. To access the profiles of members who have participated in this initiatives, click on the following links: Cleantech Financing and IP Financing.


Some of the Key Topics covered in the past

Innovative Products and Services
Cross border guarantees (supporting global expansion)
Green financing
Risk management
Key performance indicators
Financing with debt and other guarantees
Financing intangible assets