Impact Measurement Workshop

Impact Measurement Workshop The Chief Economists share how PDBs are measuring the impact of their activities

Today, more than ever, measuring the effectiveness and impact of SME-focused development banks activities in the lives of entrepreneurs is a key issue. This is way, The Montreal Group hosted two sessions of an Impact Measurement workshop.

The two private 90-minutes sessions were led by Pierre Cléroux, VP Research and Chief Economist at BDC and were devoted to understanding how TMG banks measure the impact of their financial and non-financial support to MSMEs. 

It was very interesting to learn all about the methodologies and data used by our banks. For sure they´ve demonstrated a lot of creativity and a diverse approach to conduct an impact measurement in their organizations.

Here are the appointed representatives of every bank:

  • Matt Adey, Chief Economist at BBB 
  • Hikaru Funakuma, Chief Research Fellow at JFC
  • Sandro Peixoto, Head of Effectiveness and Economic Research Department at BNDES
  • Abdelmoughite Abdelmoumen, Chief Strategy Officer at Tamwilcom
  • Mauri Kotamäki, Chief Economist at Finnvera
  • Joseph Nanna, Chief Economist in Development Bank at Nigeria
  • Hisham Al-Hasan, Head of Economic Studies at SIDF
  • Sylvie Ratté, Senior Economist at BDC.
  • Matthieu Le Brun, Leader, Evaluation Team at Bpifrance

 Thank you all for these insightful presentations. 

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